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James T.  Shakopee, MNI can’t thank you enough for all of the help. Your communication made me comfortable with the whole short sale process. I have recommended you to my other family and friends going through these same tough times.

James T. Shakopee, MN

Shari D.  Minnetonka, MNcan say is thank you. You were the third company I talked to about short sales. Your professionalism along with your helpfulness separated you guys from all other companies. I am glad I made the decision that I did. You guys truly cared about my outcome. I am so happy to have no deficiency judgment!

Shari D. Minnetonka, MN

Julie R.  Edina, MN


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Julie R. Edina, MN

Amy S. New Brighton, MN "You guys were great. Being a single mom I was a bit scared and overwhelmed with the whole foreclosure and short sale process. I checked my credit report last week and it only dropped 20 points! The best part is you guys were successful in getting my $120,000 deficiency judgment waived."

Amy S. New Brighton, MN


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